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Happy birthday, Princess Sandy!

On May 10th 2012 my original fairy tale adventure was published by Andrews UK Ltd. If you like Disney, the TV series Once Upon A Time, the recent film Jack The Giant Slayer and all of that kind of thing, this is the book for you.

The inept evil sorcerer Diabolos plots to usurp the throne of Meritania but finds his schemes foiled at every turn by handsome window cleaner Nick. Will Diabolos be able to seize the throne? Will selfish brat Princess Alisande ever grow up? What is the secret of Nick’s past? Where is your fairy godmother when you need her? And how will the kingdom cope with the destructive enemy headed its way? A romantic fairy tale adventure with a wry sense of humour, “Someday, My Prince” is a modern bedtime story for all ages.


Here’s a link to the trailer I made with some felt tip pens and a toy castle.

SOMEDAY MY PRINCE is available on Amazon, iTunes, Kobo, Nook and all good e-booksellers.

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Princess Sandy’s Christmas Message

Most loyal subjects of Meritania and the rest of the world, this is my seasonal message to you.  It’ll have to be quick because there’s a Christmas do on at Pumpernickel’s and I have to time my entrance to coincide with the optimum number of reporters.  I hope you are able to crawl from your hovels and find some way of deriving enjoyment from this time of excess and consumerism, even if it is only to line the streets and wave your grubby mitts in my general direction.  I shan’t acknowledge you of course but I have given the coachman especial instructions to refrain from running you down.  Because I’m nice like that.


What a year it has been!  Hasn’t it, though?  The spring saw the publication of that amusing little tome, Someday My Prince by some wannabe jester, Stratford or Splafford or something common like that.  Silly little man.  He languishes now in the castle dungeons.  Let him make up more funny stories in there, if he can.  I’m joking of course; we don’t want the likes of him soiling our lovely dungeons.  No; we just gave him a damn good hiding and chucked him in the moat.  It’s the only language these people understand.

I understand you had a Royal Wedding.  A dismal affair by all accounts.  In Meritania we do things proper and on the grand scale.  There will be unicorns at mine, oh yes!  Put that on your commemorative tea towel and cry into it.   And now I understand there’s to be a Royal baby!  How delightful!  All that screaming and piddling and poohing!  Well, it keeps the servants occupied, I suppose.  Gives them a sense of job security.

Time for me to be orf.  I wish you every happiness for this coming yuletide.  Treat yourselves to something nice like a lovely e-book or something and, above all, pay your taxes.  I’m going to need a whole new wardrobe come the new year.

Toodle pip.



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Princess Sandy tweets!

You can now follow Princess Sandy on Twitter. @AlisandeRoyale

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July 29, 2012 · 5:14 pm

Someday, My Prince – Promo in full

The completed version of my animated trailer for SOMEDAY, MY PRINCE is now available to watch here

With no expense spent, I combined traditional hand-drawn animation with some stop motion and some toys.  The music is one of my own compositions, first used in a production I directed of Sweeney Todd.  It has Danny Elfman-like properties that make it suitable for a fairytale, although the “choir” sounds like a load of Smurfs on helium.

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Someday, My Prince PROMO

This is a rough cut of the promo – there is more to come and music to add.

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June 3, 2012 · 4:15 pm