Death of a Celebrity

“Are you all right?”

“Not bad, you?”

“No, I mean, what with what’s happened.”

“What’s happened?”

“You must be devastated.”



“What’s happened?”

“Haven’t you heard?”

“Heard what?”

“Haven’t you seen the news?”

“No!  Just tell me!”

“Soon as I heard, I thought of you.  He’ll be devastated, I thought.”


“Are you ready?  Brace yourself.”

“Just tell me!”

“He’s only gone and died!”

“Who has?”

“You know.”

“I clearly don’t.”

“You do!  Him!  That one you like.”

“Which one I like?  Barry from the Red Lion?”

“No!  Not him!  From the films!  Him!”

“Who?  Just tell me his name.”

“Oh, he was in that one with the thing, the robot.”


“And he came back as a ghost in that one with whatshername.”

“It’ll be quicker if I google it.  Oh.”

“I know.  54, it’s no age, is it?  Are you okay?  Can I get you a cuppa?”

I’m fine.”


“Yeah.  I mean, it’s a shame and all, but I wasn’t that much of a fan.”

“No?  I thought you were obsessed.”

“Not me.  You’re getting me confused with Liam.  He loved him.  Got a keyring and everything.”

“Ah.  I wonder if Liam knows…”

“You mentioned something about a cuppa?”

“In a bit.  So, what’s Barry from the Red Lion got that I haven’t?”

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  1. Spanish Jackie

    Very entertaining could have been written by Pinter?

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