The Hit

I want you to call it off. Look, I know I said it was what I wanted but well, I’ve changed my mind. That’s allowed, surely, isn’t it? A man may change his mind. It’s not about the money. What I’ve paid you so far, you can keep that, it’s yours. And if you want the other half, well, I can stretch to that if you insist. I just don’t want you to provide the service I engaged you to provide.

That’s right. Call it off. Stand down – or whatever the term is. Abort, abort!

Yes, I am sure. Absolutely, positively. I don’t want you to go through with it.

I am sure. I have forgiven her, you see. And him. Although I don’t know much about him – nor do I want to – no, thank you – but as far as I’m concerned, it’s finished, over, done with, gone. She’s sorry, I’m sorry, we’re all bloody sorry. But I’m willing to forgive and forget – well, perhaps not forget. I don’t know how you do that. I suppose you just move on, you overlook it. You certainly don’t bring it up over dinner or while you’re pushing a trolley around Asda.

I suppose in time I will forget. Just as I will learn to trust her again. I suppose.

Well, that’s the long-term plan, anyway. And I can’t very well let her back in if you’ve put a bullet through her bonce, can I?

Well, one of your associates, then. I don’t know how you organise your business.

Call-out charge? What do you mean, call-out charge? I’m asking you not to send anyone out. Nobody needs to call-out anywhere.

A call-off charge? Now you’re just taking the piss. I’m not paying any more than what was originally agreed between us when I first rang you up. Nobody mentioned anything about a cancellation fee.

Yes, I know I can’t very well go crying to the police or the citizens’ advice. Yes, you have got me over a barrel. I can see that.

Let me get this straight. Let me make sure we understand each other. If I don’t pay the balance of what I owe plus the cancellation fee and an admin charge, you’re going to go through with the job as originally planned?

So, what you’re saying is it’s cheaper for me if I just sit back and let it happen? Save a couple of grand, will I, if you go through with it?

Well, since you put it like that. Oh, go on then. You may as well. As I say, the trust is gone. I can’t stop thinking about his hands pawing all over her.

And I get discount for a second purchase? Gosh…

No, not him. He’s not worth it. I don’t think I want a second hit…

Although, the bloke next door has been letting his cat shit in our garden – my garden, I suppose it is now.

I’ll leave the cash in the usual place.




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2 responses to “The Hit

  1. Spanish Jackie

    Well I’m sure we have all been there ……

  2. Great way to start the week, thank you for that!

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