To Do List

  •     Take a stroll around the deck
  •     Drink tot of breakfast rum
  •     Get wooden leg sandpapered.
  •     Agree course with first mate
  •     Set sail
  •     Elevenses – rum
  •     Put myself about a bit to strike fear in the crew.  Whipping arm could do with a work out.
  •     Get hook sharpened.
  •     Luncheon – rum and ship’s biscuits (sans weevils, I hope)
  •     Arrive at Ocracoke Island – take half a dozen of the scurviest dogs in jolly boat.  Remember shovels.
  •     Follow clues on treasure map
  •     Improve orienteering skills with a hip flask of rum
  •     Find spot marked X
  •     Get scurvy dogs to dig up the treasure
  •     Kill scurvy dogs in surprise act of treachery
  •     Bury treasure somewhere else
  •     Amend map
  •     Return to ship
  •     Set sail for home
  •     Stop off for rum
  •     General pillaging and plunder as and when.
  •     Send black spot to Mum



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One response to “To Do List

  1. Spanish Jackie

    Love it! Beats my to do list – go to bank, feed cat etc

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