Number Five is Alive!

The fifth case for Dedley detectives Brough and Miller is now available.  It’s called COFFIN DODGERS and it’s a bit different from the previous four.

When the recently departed start getting up and walking around Dedley, the detectives of the Serious Crimes division are plunged into their most gruesome case so far. Meanwhile, Brough and his boyfriend hit a rough patch and Miller is laid low by a mysterious illness. With shocks and surprises along the way, this darkly funny story is the fifth Brough and Miller investigation, the fourth sequel to Blood & Breakfast.

It’s not so much a whodunit as a how-dunit; the identity of the perpetrator is revealed comparatively early on, the detectives are plunged into peril.  We get to see different sides to some of the members of the Serious Crime Division, and the seeds are sown for a sixth book – but I have other fish to fry before I set my mind to that.

coffin dodgers

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