The Tell-Tale Tweet

Martin’s phone trilled in his pocket: a message alert.  He brightened; somebody’s sent me a tweet!

He pulled out the device and wiped his thumb sideways across the screen.

Hello, said the tweet.

Martin could see it was from @JillSmile1983 and was about to touch the Reply option when a shiver ran through him.  He almost dropped the phone.  It couldn’t be!

He looked again and then logged into Twitter to check his notifications.  Perhaps he’d misread.  Perhaps it was a different Jill.

But no; there it was!  @JillSmile1983 and there was her face, smiling that half-smile of hers that had attracted him to her in the first place.

It was a joke.  It had to be.  Someone had hacked into her account and was ‘spamming’ him – if that was the word.

The phone buzzed again.  Another tweet flashed up.

Hello, Martin!  Remember me?

Martin lowered himself into a chair.  HIs heart was pounding.  He stared at the screen in shock and disbelief.

“It can’t be!” he said out loud.

A third tweet appeared.

But it is!

Martin yelped and threw his phone across the room.  It bounced on the carpet and trilled again and again.  He could see the screen lighting up and the build-up of incoming tweets scrolling up and up.




Martin screamed.  He tore from the room and almost tumbled down the cellar steps. He checked the wall, running his palm over a section of brickwork that was newer and cleaner than the rest.  Steeling himself he placed his ear to the cold surface, straining to hear.

“No!” he pushed himself away.  “It’s been over a year.  Pull yourself together, Martin.”

But before long he was hacking away at the wall with a pick-ax, grunting and gibbering as his sanity left him.  He had to find out, he had to know: had he left Jill’s mobile phone in there with her?



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