Yesterday I sent the latest draft of my new book, COFFIN DODGERS, to my test readers.  It’s always an anxious time, waiting to hear what they think of it.  It’s the fifth case for my detectives Brough and Miller.  I didn’t think when I wrote their first (Blood & Breakfast) that I would have a series on my hands but here we are.  There’ll be at least another one too…

The Brough and Miller books are fun to write.  I’ve mentioned before how I was three quarters of the way through writing the last one (Murder on the Knees) before I knew who was the killer.  This one is different.  It’s not so much a whodunit as a how-dun-it or why-dun-it, because the identity of the perpetrator is revealed early on. Alongside the investigation, the private lives of the detectives continue to be eventful – I enjoy writing these characters and I think the books have a style of their own: fast and funny and definitely the sweariest things I produce, something that is addressed within the story itself in this new one – but I don’t want to spoil anything.

When the verdicts are in from my test readers, I’ll prepare the manuscript for submission to the publisher.   Once it is on its way, I’ll dive into my next (non-Brough and Miller) book.  Ideas are already coming to the boil for that one…



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