New book! And then there were four…

The fourth case for Brough & Miller is now available!!


Dedley detectives Brough and Miller are back with their fourth investigation. Members of the Black Country town’s most prominent amateur dramatics society are being bumped off in a series of bizarre murders. Brough, Miller and the rest of the Serious Crimes division are tested to the extreme in this latest fast-moving and funny whodunit.

I really enjoy writing the Brough & Miller stories, setting the readers a puzzle and leading them to the solution through the detectives’ eyes.  Also, the writing is looser than my work in other genres and the emphasis is on humour to make the stories as entertaining as possible.  The language can be coarse and some of the characters are politically incorrect but they’ve grown on me over the course of four novels.  Plans for a fifth are nebulous as yet, but it’s safe to say Brough, Miller and the Serious Crimes Division will be back before too long…

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