Another New Case for Brough & Miller is on its way


I’ve just finished the first draft of a new Brough and Miller novel – their fourth investigation.  The editing starts tomorrow.  This one surprised me because I realised, as I approached the climax of the story, that the killer wasn’t who I thought it was! But that’s the fun of writing a whodunit, I suppose.

I know some writers like to plot everything out, chapter by chapter and scene by scene.  I can’t work like that.  Planning too much in advance kills the fun in the writing process for me.  I prefer to have a rough idea of how things will end up and work out how to get there as I go.  This can lead to twists and surprises along the way and, as this latest one has shown, not quite the denouement I had in mind.

I hope readers will enjoy following the detectives through their investigation.  As usual, Brough, Miller and the Serious Crimes division are faced with some rather bizarre and outlandish murders in this fourth book when members of Dedley’s foremost amateur dramatics society start dropping like flies.

If you haven’t read the previous three, you can find out more about them HERE.



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