Billy stepped out of the cinema into the bright afternoon sun.  He shouldn’t have gone.  He should have been at work but hell, didn’t everyone deserve a break once in a while?

He felt uplifted.  Losing himself in the film for a couple of hours had done him the world of good.  To forget his worries and woes!  To put aside his responsibilities and duties just for a while!  It was like a pit stop in heaven.

The film had been in black and white, instantly transporting Billy to a fantasy world.  In grainy images, it told the story of ordinary people, just going about their lives, falling in love, having children, going to work, and having fun.  The characters didn’t have a care in the world.  No problems clouded their existence.

“Incident free!” the posters declared.

“Devoid of drama!  Five stars!” a critic was quoted.

“Slow-moving and gentle,” said another.

It was just the tonic Billy had needed.  The feeling of walking on air stayed with him as he made his way across the car park.  Oh, if only such a world existed!  The film suggested it was not only possible but devoutly to be wished!

He ducked behind the bottle bank around the back of a pub – You just can’t find a telephone box these days.

In a split second, he changed out of his disguise.  He stashed his suit, shirt and tie in the skip and sprang into the sky.  His cape added streamlining to his body in flight. 

Hovering in the air like a skylark, Billy listened to radio waves. There was a terrorist alert, an incident across the city.

Billy caused a sonic boom as he shot towards the location.

Back to reality, he sighed.




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