Mr and Mrs B move out

“Just leave it!  Leave everything!  There isn’t time!”  Mr B urged his spouse to get a wiggle on.  Mrs B didn’t seem to understand.  She mumbled something about the twins.  It would be a shame to wake them.

“I don’t give a stuff,” Mr B snapped.  “Get them up and out of here right away!”

“But – but -” Mrs B tried to argue but could find no better rebuttal than the time of day.  “I’ve only just got them to settle.” She sat down stubbornly.  She was more scared than she let her other half know.  She didn’t understand and that made things more frightening.  “Can’t we have a nap first?”

Mr B gave her a shove.

“It’s now or never!  Do you want those men to find us?  Do you want them to blast our boys to bits?”

“They wouldn’t!” Mrs B gave a whimper.  “Our boys have done no harm.  Neither have we.  I vote we stay put.  They’ll pass us by, if we keep very still and very quiet.  They won’t find us.”

“Oh, you stupid sow!” Mr B snorted in disgust. “They won’t pass us by.  They’ll be back and they’ll keep coming back until they’ve got rid of all of our kind.”

“But why?  What did we ever do to them?”

Mr B sighed.  It looked like they’d be going nowhere until he’d explained the situation all over again.

“They think we’re dirty.  They say we spread disease.”

Mrs B looked genuinely affronted.  “How rude!” she cried.  “I keep a clean place. I’ve brought my boys up proper.”

“Come on, love,” Mr B pressed his face against hers.  “Get the boys.  We’ll find somewhere we can live in peace, where we’ll be welcome.”

Mrs B sniffed and nodded.  She pattered off to wake the twins.

Mr B stepped outside to check the lie of the land.  He gasped to see it was already too late.

Men in boots pointed their shotguns at Mr B and blew half of his head off.  His twitching body blocked the entrance to the sett.  Behind him, Mrs B whispered, keeping herself between her mate and their yawning and bleary-eyed cubs.

“Changed your mind about that nap, I see,” she hissed. “All right, kids; back to bed.”



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  1. That is a very well-written story.. 🙂

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