A Comedy of Murders

My latest book has just come out on Kindle and ePub.


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Italy during the Renaissance and Sparafucile and his sister strive to make a living bumping off any unfortunate rich man who happens across their path. The trouble is: as an assassin, Sparafucile is not what you might call competent and his unpredictable sister seems to be spiralling out of control. Inspired by characters in Verdi’s Rigoletto, this is an action-packed, fun-filled visit to a world of intrigue and betrayal, from the author of Leporello on the Lam.

I stuck with the Italian names for people and places used in Verdi’s libretto,  although the dialogue is riddled with contemporary vocabulary – a technique I used previously in Leporello…  The story is narrated by Sparafucile; odd-numbered chapters are in the present tense and even-numbered chapters that relate his  back-story are written in the past tense.  As the book goes on, history catches up with the present in more ways that one!

You can read the opening sequences here.


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