Visiting Time

Oh, you’re back, are you?  Haven’t seen you for a while.  The guilt get to you, did it?  Or did someone coax you into it?  Just when I thought you’d never come back, here you are.

Why have you come?  Just to tidy up?  They have people here to do that, when they can be bothered.  Well, I’m not going to get up and do it, am I?  Believe me, if I could get up on my feet again, I wouldn’t waste my time and energy on sorting this place out.  Oh no; I’d be off like a shot, into town for a bit of fun.

Remember when we used to have fun, you and me?  Oh, we could show them all a thing or two back in those days, eh?  What laughs we used to have!

Is that why you’ve come, to talk about the good old days?  Quick trip down Memory Lane to ease your conscience.  It wasn’t all days of wine and roses, as you well know.  It wasn’t all sweetness and light.

I thought you’d forgotten me.  I really had.  And just when I was getting used to the idea, here you are back again, looking as miserable as sin.  You want to cheer up.  Can’t go around looking like a wet weekend all your life.  You want to get out there; kick your heels up.  Show them you’ve still got it.  Wish I could come with you.  If I wasn’t stuck in here.

They for me, those flowers?  They’re lovely. Bit of a turnabout, isn’t it, eh?  It was always me that got you the flowers.  Do you remember?  Usually when I was in the doghouse, eh?  When I’d been a naughty boy.

Have you heard from our Tracey?  I often wonder how she’s getting on.  Do you know if she ever made anything of herself in Oz?  They’d take to her over there, I reckon.  They’d be fools if they didn’t.  Suppose it’s too far for her to keep popping back to see you.  Or me.  I wish she’d come to see me before she went.  So I could apologise.  So I could explain.  It wasn’t me; it was the drink that made me do all those horrible, horrible things to her – my own daughter!  The demon drink, they call it, don’t they?  Well, it was that demon that got hold of me and made me – well, I don’t need to go into details, do I?  You know all about it.

But I’d like to tell her I don’t blame her.  I understand completely why she did what she did.  I had to be stopped.  There was no other way; I see that now.  Perfectly reasonable, what she did.  Grabbing that knife.  It had to be done.

Best not to dwell on that, I suppose.  Drive ourselves mad, won’t we?

Oh, are you off?  It has been nice to see you.  Please don’t think it hasn’t.  Been nice, I mean.

I know we had our troubles, you and me.  But please come back and see me again any time you like.  Any time at all.  There may be six feet of dirt between you and me but come back soon.  We have a history that binds us together, don’t we, old girl?  And that’s why death hasn’t been able to part us.



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