Forthcoming Attractions


I have been a busy little bee.  If there’s a species of bee that writes books, that is.

Coming soon to an e-bookseller near you are:

POOR JACKY – a horror story that spans a couple of centuries.

THE ROUGH RUDE SEA – a romantic adventure about gay pirates and the Bermuda Triangle


THE FOOTPRINTS OF THE FIEND – a third investigation for Detectives Brough and Miller.

Something for everyone, I think.

And furthermore…

I started writing a comic thriller set in the Italian Renaissance last week – I mean, I started writing it last week; the Italian Renaissance happened a bit before that.

When that’s done, I’ll probably start on the fourth Brough and Miller…

Meanwhile, check out the six titles already available on Amazon, iTunes, Kobo, Nook and ePub.  I’m sure at least one of my stories will entertain you.

Also, keep your eye on this blog for the occasional free short story.  And one more thing: here’s my Facebook page if you’d care to ‘like’ it.  Many thanks!

Peace out!

head of words

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