Happy New Year to all my readers

Happy New Year to all my readers!  And to everyone else too, while I’m in a benevolent mood.

2012 proved to be my most productive year to date.  The disciplined approach to writing I adopted has really paid off.  Adhering to a daily word count, come hell or high water, has changed my life.

As 2013 dawns, I already have another book on the go.  This is the third investigation for my detectives Brough and Miller.  If you’ve read the previous two (Blood & Breakfast and Grey Ladies) you’ll be more than familiar with this duo and the kind of cases they (try to) solve.  Whether this third one will be their last, I don’t know.

The Brough and Miller books are set in a fictionalised version of Dudley, my home town.  (I call it Dedley – really, you’d want to move to Midsomer for a bit of respite from all the murders)  I can draw upon my knowledge of the town, its surroundings and local history but because it’s a version of the town, I can invent things too.  Not least of my inventions is the police force, namely the Serious Crime Department.  What I know about police procedure and processes I gleaned from watching the telly, and I find that’s enough.  My police operate on my terms and not necessarily as they would in the real world.  I’m sure that any officer behaving as they do in my books would be dismissed or face a very sticky time during staff appraisals.

What’s next?  Well, before I’ve finished this one, my horror novel will be out: Watch this space for news of Poor Jacky – a story set in Dedley but without the police involvement.  After that I have an idea for another Dedley story and a historical adventure about highwaymen.   I’m also kicking around ideas for a play. That little lot should keep me occupied until Easter at least.

Thanks again for all your support over the past year and if you have yet to load your devices with any of my novels, I hope you’ll take a look at my fast-growing back catalogue.  I’m sure you’ll find something there that will amuse you.

Best wishes




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  1. excited reading about your new book!! Wishing you a fantastic New Year. One of my favourite things about 2012 is finding a new favourite author! All the best to you and yours William x

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