Bookings now being taken for Christmas…

Hello, all!  Edna Box here. Hope you’m well.  We still have some places left for Christmas dinner at the Ash Tree B&B hotel.  I cor believe it.  I sent Bertie out with leaflets and strict instructions but I bet he dumped them in the bin, or binned them at the dump or somert.   I dunno; he works hard, bless him, but he’s a bit shy of going door-to-door and making free with people’s knockers and bells.

So, I’ve hijacked this blog thingy in order to drum up a bit of trade.  You don’t want to be stoving over a hot slave on the Big Day.  Yo’ve earned a rest and you should put your feet up as far as they will go.  So let me and Bertie do all the straining for you.

Been toying with ideas for the menu – mainly traditional but I’m open to all sorts of suggestions.

So book now and let us do all the peeling and boiling.  The sprouts am on already.  Should be ready in time, fingers crossed.

And I promise you there won’t be no murders like the ones in the book.  One hand on heart and the other on wood.  Oh, hello, Bertie.

Have yourself a Dedley little Christmas.

Love, @EdnaBox

The Ash Tree, Dedley.


M      E      N      U

Soup of the Day (Tuesday)

with Klingons – sorry, croutons


 Hand-stuffed bird

Sprout-and-cranberry melange


Flaming pudding


 santa skull




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One response to “Bookings now being taken for Christmas…

  1. SJ

    Table for 2 please – it was such a unique experience last year we would like a return visit to the Ash Tree this Christmas Day if you can squeeze us in. My husband is particularly excited about the hand-stuffed bird – something you just don’t find in Tesco’s and I can’t wait for your selection of nuts and the way Bertie cracks them. See you soon!

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