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I’m in the process of editing my latest book, my attempt at a horror novel.   As I go through the manuscript, I’m finding little notes to myself such as “Look up how to make cement” and “Types of horse-drawn carriages”.  Of course, in this day and technological age, research is much easier than it was.  You hardly have to leave the house but I do like to pop into the local library – it’s warm in there and sometimes I can find exactly what I’m looking for without troubling the staff.   Like the main character in the new book, I worked in a library during my studies, so I know my way around the Dewey decimal system.

The new book is set in Dedley, which is also the setting for Grey Ladies and Blood & Breakfast, my mystery thrillers.  The detectives Brough and Miller don’t appear in this horror one, tempted though I was to give them a shout-out.  They will be back – I’ve become quite attached to them and to the fictionalised version of my home town.  I’m like Stephen King with his Derry or Castle Rock. (And there the similarity ends, alas!)

Anyway, the working title for the new book is POOR JACKY and I hope to submit it to the publisher before long.  Watch this space for further news… In the meantime, you can read an extract here.







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