A Christmas Wish

It may have escaped your attention because the shops tend to keep a low profile at this time of year but Christmas will soon be upon us, and in the spirit of the season, people will be putting their hands in their pockets and thinking of their loved ones.

Many of you may be giving or receiving a device known as an e-reader.  This may be in the form of a Kindle or a Kobo, or its American cousin, the Nook.  Or you may be the giver or receiver of another kind of electronic device, something with a representation of an apple on it, perhaps.  What am I getting at?  You may well wonder.

All this is pre-amble to a shameless plug of my wares.  This is the first year I’ve had something to sell and by Jingo, I shall try my damnedest.

If you’re presenting a loved one with one of the aforementioned electronic devices, why not load it up beforehand with one, two, or even all five of my published works?  If you’ve received one of these technological marvels, why not treat yourself to one or two, or even all five of my books?  I am sure at least one of them will entertain you.

Sample chapters are downloadable for free if you need to try before you buy.  You don’t even need one of the mechanical miracles to do this – or indeed to read the whole book.  You can download, free of charge, a Kindle app for your PC or your phone.  You can read the books in iTunes.  We really do live in an age of wonders.

Some people say they don’t like reading from a screen.  These same people spend hours gawping at Twitter and Facebook on their smart phones and laptops without their heads exploding.  To these people, I say Give it a go! It might be a revelation to you (and I herewith deny all responsibility for any exploding heads that may ensue from this blog… Okay; I’ll chip in towards the cost of the dry cleaning but that’s your lot).

So, give an e-book for Christmas.  It doesn’t require wrapping (thereby saving even more trees).  It won’t cost you in postage and packaging.  You won’t have to wait for delivery and it won’t clutter up your house.

Give one of mine and there’s every chance the recipient will gaze fondly upon you, and their admiration for you will be increased, because of your thoughtful, intelligent and entertaining gift.

Give one of mine and I’ll be able to afford two Brussels sprouts to rub together – it’s a private tradition and nothing to worry about.

Links to my books are located at the top of this webpage.  Or you can go directly to the sources: Amazon, iTunes, Waterstones, WHSmith, Kobo, Tesco, Barnes & Noble … just some of the online retailers who peddle my ebooks for your delectation and delight.

Happy Christmas!

I shall now leave you to your own devices.


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