Leporello on the Lam

My debut novel, published March 1st, 2012.

Leporello on the Lam tells of the further adventures of characters from Mozart and Da Ponte’s famous comic opera, Don Giovanni. Hapless manservant, Leporello seeks a new master but, still traumatised by events, finds himself on the run from the law and falling in love. Can Leporello make peace with those Don Giovanni wronged, clear his own name and start a new life for himself? This fast-moving and funny story is brimming with adventure and innuendo, and is an entertaining read for opera fans and non-opera fans alike.

You don’t have to know anything about Don Giovanni to enjoy this book.  The story picks up almost straight after the opera finishes with Leporello narrating.  I chose to do it this way because I wanted to make one character the focus.  Leporello follows the tradition of the cheeky, put-upon servant that has been around for millennia.  I think my sense of humour fits very well in his mouth.

Although it’s set in Spain in the seventeenth century, it’s a fictionalised version of the country and the times, just as it is in the opera.  I wanted to keep the Italinate names of the characters because that is how I know them.  Therefore the action takes place in the fictionalised country of Ispagna.  This freed me up from historical concerns to a great extent but I believe there’s enough ‘colour’ in the novel to create an impression of the time and place.  Because Ispagna isn’t real, I was able to include a supernatural element to the story, again taking my lead from the opera.  Leporello meets lots of new characters I had fun creating but I was keen to include all of the main players from the opera in order to make the story feel as much like a sequel as possible.

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Also available online from Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Waterstone’s, Foyles, WHSmith, OmniLit and all good e-booksellers.

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